SZCZEPANIK Group is a thriving company operating in a construction related sector. The core business includes an extensive construction services, retail and wholesale of building materials and implementation of development processes characterized by a high quality, timeliness and partnership


The company is the people. The development is determined people’s knowledge, competences and commitment. DOMEX Szczepanik General partnership attaches great significance to the highest level of staff competences. The experts from many fields manage process at all stages. The organizational skills and identification with company goals and core business are the preconditions for a company success.




The reality changes incessantly. New technologies and the resulting progress of more developed countries influence the view of a modern world. Along with changes, new predilections and requirements arise.

The future prospect shows great expectations. Our wide knowledge and experience will be implement in future projects, providing a consistent and steady development of Domex Construction Spółka z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa . We think about all the future projects, which will become the milestones and evidences of our participation in shaping Polish, European and global reality.